Monday November 17, 2014

• Podcast Intervention

Thursday November 13, 2014

Space Age

An excellent retro game from my friends Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi, makers of The Incident. A steal at $4.

Monday November 10, 2014

• Humans, Interacting

Monday October 20, 2014

• Empathy in Design

Friday September 26, 2014

• Copy Forward

Tuesday September 23, 2014


A single-track CocoaConf conference in Yosemite (yes, the real Yosemite), April 20 – 23. Talks from Michael Lopp, Serenity Caldwell, Brent Simmons, myself, and a whole bunch more. This is going to be a good one.

Thursday September 18, 2014

Sponsor: Harry's

My thanks to Harry’s for sponsoring Better Elevation this week. They make pretty fantastic razors and reasonably-priced blades that people really seem to love. They’ll ship to your door for free, and the blades cost half the price of the behind-a-locked-cabinet drugstore brand.

The starter kit is only $15. Use code ‘betterelevation’ at checkout and it’s only $10. $10!

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Six Colors

A new site covering Apple news, from Jason Snell. If this isn’t an instant subscribe for you, you’re nuts.

Monday September 15, 2014

• Rock Stars

My thanks to Harry’s for sponsoring the show. Enter code ‘betterelevation’ at checkout to save $5 on your first order. I’d also like to thank my Patreon supporters for being awesome.

Friday August 29, 2014


While I put the finishing touches on my first real episode (due any day now, I swear), I’m also working with Patreon to allow you, the viewer, to get in on the production of the show. Episodes will be sponsored in the standard podcast-y sort of way, but this means that the audience gets a vote in things too.

Patreon offers subscriptions, meaning that you pay a dollar (or whatever) per episode I release. Pretty simple, right? Your direct support means I can rely less on sponsorship, and avoid native YouTube ads entirely. I hope.

Do You Think You're Alright?

The 100th episode of Unprofessional, and the last for a while. There was really only one guest we would even accept to close out this run, and thankfully his parents gave him permission. You really don’t want to miss this one.

Tuesday August 12, 2014

Customer Service Like a Human Being

Karma support person Dave Ford on how to handle customer service:

Use a customer’s message for clues on how to spice up your response. This way, they feel as if they are truly having a conversation with someone who cares about them, which they are. It makes it very personal. For example: If a customer mentions Seattle, say “Go Seahawks!” If they mention they are going on a trip, talk to them about it, relate, wish them a good time.

tl;dr: Love your customers and don’t be a dick.

(Related: my own support guidelines.)

Monday August 11, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Vesper 2.002

Brent Simmons on the version of Vesper:

Vesper 2.002 adds a new feature — when you’re viewing a single note, tap at the bottom of the screen to see the date it was created. Tap again to see the modification date. Tap again to character or word count.

John Gruber:

These were all oft-requested features — some people were asking for modified/creation dates, some for word count, some wanted both — but I was reluctant to add them, because it seemed like it would add a lot of visual clutter to include all these things, and didn’t seem right to add just one of them.

We see timestamps and word counts as a power user feature. They don’t need prominence or dedicated buttons. This doesn’t need to be the pinnacle of discoverability. This is a feature placed, invisibly, at the bottom of the screen. Not every feature is the most important feature; there’s a wide gradient between tentpole and easter egg. I really like how it turned out.

Friday August 8, 2014

• Video Tools

Now that Better Elevation is on YouTube, I thought I’d share a list of the tools I’m using to do video production.