Friday April 1, 2016


After my open letter to SoundCloud I heard from a number of companies who provide music hosting/streaming for artists. (Although, notably, I’ve heard exactly nothing from SoundCloud.) They all seem genuinely interested in serving artists, but Fanburst was the one that really stood out.

Fanburst does what you expect: gives artists a place to upload songs, allows people to follow each other, and share (and embed) tracks.

Artists also get some neat analytics tools, but the biggest win is how clean the layout is for everything. I love me some minimalism, and the approach makes it really easy for me to use a Fanburst embed for Airplane Mode’s songs page.

I’ve been chatting with one of the founders via email and will have a clearer picture soon. My primary concern right now is their business model — everything is free, with no sign of not being free. SoundCloud Pro has proven that artists are willing to pay for a service like this when done even half-assedly, so my hopes are high that Fanburst can turn a profit and stick around for a while.

Fanburst is currently in private beta, but here’s a signup link because I love you.