Wednesday February 18, 2015

Behind the App

Back in November I released a video called Podcast Intervention, where I called upon my friends and colleagues in the tech podcast community to do something new, to push the state of the art forward. When it came out, there was a bit of a kerfuffle. People assumed (incorrectly) that I was attacking’s Myke Hurley specifically, or tech podcasters in general. My position was and is that we’re very smart people, and we could be making more thoughtful things.

A couple days ago, Myke sent me a copy of Behind the App, saying, “This is my response.”

Behind the App is a documentary-style podcast by featuring some thoughtful, edited discussion and a genuine narrative. I think this new approach is going to really put on the map. Reaction has already been deservedly positive, and there’s potential to have a much larger impact.

I’m impressed with the thought and effort Myke has poured into this. It’s neat to think that my spurring may have done some good.